You really live together with the people you care for. And if that's possible in one of the most beautiful places in Spain, that's a great luck. Enjoy the delicious Spanish cuisine, at home or outdoors. And be surprised every year by the changes of the seasons under the Spanish sun.

Enjoying being together with family or friends is a great happiness.

Living outside

Casa Xavi is oriented to the south and the mountainside offers shelter in the back. This allows you to optimally enjoy the outdoors all year round. The terrace and the swimming pool are located on the living level and are designed in a natural way in the mountainside. The "protruding" elements of the villa provide shade.

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Villa Casa Xavi is the model of luxury. With a chic, contemporary and modest atmosphere as a starting point. And here again taking into account the environment; everything serves a purpose and has a function. With a beautiful finish that completes the picture.


Modest and pure materials and colors were chosen for the finish. Stucco for the walls in combination with wooden elements for the facade. Dark frames ensure that the profiles optically disappear into the glass surface, making them less prominent. Naturally, all your wishes can be included in the finish of the villa. 

Do you see yourself and your family and friends already sitting here? Then please contact us. We will gladly inform you further about the possibilities of purchase and future rental to third parties.

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