Sleek shapes

The design reacts strongly to its environment. The horizontal lines in the architecture of the villa make optimum use of the qualities of this location. The villa is closed on the mountain side so that it unfolds as it were on the valley side. The open glass corners provide a total experience of the environment and the feeling of a majestic vantage point.

images/Xavi 2/Tekening Doorsnede.jpg

From the location on the mountainside you have a breathtaking view.

Open space

The program on the living floor completely merges. Positioning the functions next to each other means that there is contact with nature from every position. The material of both floor and ceiling extends into the balcony, creating a seamless transition between inside and outside.


The living area consists of a living room, kitchen with cooking island and the dining area. All positioned in such a way that there is contact with the outside from every position. The terrace and swimming pool are on the same level so that there is always contact between the living and outside areas.

The sleeping area consists of four bedrooms and four bathrooms: a master bedroom with a walk-in bathroom, two bedrooms with an independent bathroom and a guest apartment with a private bathroom.

This modern villa is finished with luxury materials and an eye for detail. During the design phase, the architect will enter into a discussion with you to explore your personal wishes and translate them into the plan.

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